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Write a letter of motivation explaining why you would like to join, what you could offer the organisation, and what you hope to gain by being engaged


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A member of the WVI Lund team will contact you for a fika to discuss your potential engagement in WVI Lund

Read more about who we are, why you should get engaged, what we are looking for and what we offer below!

We are generally available to have fika with you (except during the summer, when most of us are out of town). It shouldn’t take more than a few days to set up the fika, depending on your own time constraints.

You are always welcome to contact us with any questions on our mail or by calling us at +46730261839. This number will take you directly to our current president, Björn A. Söderström, who will gladly talk to you about WVI and answer any question you might have!

WVI Lund is passionate about passion

In WVI Lund, we are always driven by our passion to do what we do. We aim to always be ourselves, and WVI is designed to facilitate members in their journey to find their own way. The organisation is flexible and in constant motion, adjusting to the passions and wishes of the current members. Three principles are the foundation of how we work.

1 | Walk the Talk

To maintain integrity we always try to live as we teach.

Everything we talk about in our workshops we try to live by ourselves, from dealing with stress to developing a growth mindset and to leading from our values, in order to improve our own lives. We believe that active practicing is necessary to master any skill, and personal growth, leadership, and living an authentic life is no different.

2 | 70/30 Rule

70 % of our energy is focused on HOW we do things. Only 30 % is focused on WHAT we do.

This is because we believe that no matter what we do, it will have no impact if it is executed poorly. To reach people and inspire them to make changes in their lives, to help them grow and reach new insights, we need to focus 70 % on the feeling we create during our workshops.

Decent content delivered with great feeling will always beat great content delivered with no feeling at all.

3 | Our Values

We are deeply anchored in our national values Passion and Real.

We work actively with our organisational values and constantly re-define what they mean to us. All members get to reflect deeply on what Real and Passion means to them, and how these values are in line with their own.

All project groups begin their work by defining what values will guide them throughout the project. This helps the team stick together, communicate clearly, and work towards the same end goal.


Why get engaged?

If you, like we, believe that the world could be a much better place if people were just allowed to be themselves, then you will likely find great purpose in what we do. If you believe in our vision for the world and want to help us reach it, this is your change to make the world a better place. If you seek personal growth and want to become a greater person, WVI offers unique opportunities and paths that enable such growth. There is no student organisation that allow as great autonomy and freedom under responsibility as WVI does!

Here, you have the opportunity to LEAD, GROW and CREATE unlike anywhere else!

Develop your leadership

Lead project groups, start your own projects, participate in exclusive leadership courses, and immerse in a community deeply interested in the subject and nuances of modern leadership. You can also practice leadership by being a mentor to newer members.

Get connected

A nation-wide and growing organisation, WVI provides a strong network of exceptional people interested in personal growth and self-leadership. Our alumni are among the young leaders of tomorrow.

Opportunities and challenges

In order to grow, we need to be challenged. WVI provides ample chance to challenge yourself while providing the support you need. You have to chose your own path, but no one will ever hold you back. If you have an idea – you are encouraged to go for it! You are challenged to make something great out of your idea, create a new workshop, research a new subject within psychology, or set up a collaboration with a multinational company! The decision is yours.

Growth know-how

An organisation focusing entirely on personal growth in order to shape a better world, WVI has gathered huge know-how for personal development. These are available to all members and applied to further their personal growths.

Workshops & Projects

All workshops we host have been researched, designed and planned by our engaged members. You have the freedom to create any workshop you want or start up any new project, as long as it is in line with our purpose and values. Have an idea for a crazy project you’ve always wanted to try? WVI might be the perfect platform to launch your idea!

Your imagination is the limit

By being part of WVI, you have full freedom to transform the organisation and lead it into the future of tomorrow. We are constantly reinventing ourselves, and in that process you are free to innovate as you like. The world is our sandbox!



What we are looking for


You are engaged with what you do, and you are prepared to put in the time and effort it takes to make something great.


You pursue your goals and dreams with passion and determination, but also with joy and great love for what you do.


You seek out new opportunities to learn and grow, take responsibility and engage in interesting and challenging conversation.


You are open to change, new ideas, and to be challenged in order to learn and grow. You are non-judging and accepting.


What we offer



Facilitator training with SelfLeaders

Every summer, our partner-in-quest company SelfLeaders offers WVI a national facilitator training in Stockholm. This facilitator training, worth several thousand kronor per participant, is the basis for our skill as facilitators. By participating in this great education, you learn the fundamentals of being a facilitator and hosting workshops in values-based self-leadership.

Internal educations

During the year, we host between 2 and 3 internal educations for all members. These cover:

  • How to research, design and host smaller workshops
  • The standard theories on which we largely base our work
  • Specific topics requested by the members


Art of Hosting

Art of Hosting is a community of practice aiming to teach the world how to host conversations that matter. This is very close to what WVI is trying to do. Therefore, WVI Lund try to send one or two members to Art of Hosting Karlskrona every year to learn the practices that are central for how we work with hosting workshops in Lund.

Deepened facilitator training with VALUE.

We are currently piloting a new and deepened facilitator training together with the company VALUE. We have a long history of collaboration and are happy to develop this training together, which will focus both on how to facilitate self-leadership workshops, but also look at how self-leadership transfers to leadership for others. This in-depth education aims to make WVI members ready for the challenges of leading greatly in the 21th century.



Leadership experience


National network


Social gatherings



Meet the team!

Björn A. Söderström Profile Image

Björn A. Söderström

President, WVI Lund

Björn has been engaged in WVI Lund since 2014 and has been part of growing and developing the organisation nationally ever since.

Core values: Meaning – Growth – Authenticity.

Malin Kinnander Profile Image

Malin Kinnander


Filled with energy and excitement, Malin loves talking to people and making sure that everyone is always having fun.

Core values:

Aakash Dhingra Profile Image

Aakash Dhingra

Team Member

Aakash is passionate about sustainability, photography and self-discovery and through such passions, he’s on a hunt to know why people do what they do to solve some major problems of the century.

Core values: Openness – Balance – Humor