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We are looking for

Become part of our team in Lund by applying today. We are a mix of students and professionals working with personal development, leadership and values. We host workshops and courses in self-leadership for students, organizations and companies in and around Lund. We do this because we believe in a world where every human being is encouraged to thrive in her own uniqueness.

Open positions

The job

We are working hard to reach out to students and student organizations – but our impact could be even greater with your help! We are looking for someone with either skill or great interest, and preferably both, that would love to get engaged to practice their marketing skills and help us get a greater reach.


You don’t need any particular skills to apply – all you need is passion, determination and a will to learn! Previous experience within digital and/or social media marketing is of course a plus, but if you have none, this is a perfect opportunity to learn together with a team!


You like to work in a team and together with other people and to discuss your ideas. You work hard but with playfulness. You are passionate about what you do and like to learn and grow.


As a member, you become a member of the WVI family. Congrats! Besides many interesting conversations about self-development, the meaning of life, and how to be a better person, you also get access to our internal educations and trainings. You get a network of driven and engaged students and young professionals all over Sweden, and you get a fun year in Lund.

Don’t over-think it, apply today! Oh, did I mention, we will buy you fika at the interview ;)

The job

We host many great events that pose beautiful opportunities for capturing deep conversations and thought provoking discussion on photo. Problem is - we need someone to help us with it! We are looking for someone to take photos at our events and help the marketing team spread our events and activities to more students.


Have a camera? Great - that's all you need! What about photography skills? That is great to have, but if you don't this is the perfect opportunity to develop it! Being able to cooperate is also a plus.


You are open to new ideas and want to try out new things. You want to learn and grow as a person and engage in teamwork. You are driven by passion and curiosity and want to contribute with your unique personality.


As a member, you become a member of the WVI family. Congrats! Besides many interesting conversations about self-development, the meaning of life, and how to be a better person, you also get access to our internal educations and trainings. You get a network of driven and engaged students and young professionals all over Sweden, and you get a fun year in Lund.

Don’t over-think it, apply today! Oh, and did I mention, we will buy you fika at the interview! :D

The job

We are constantly striving to increase our impact and reach. A part of this is to reach out to companies to establish collaborations and partnerships. This is professional and meriting work for any student and a great opportunity to get in contact with companies that you might one day be interested in working with. The role is about contacting companies that may be interested in collaboration with us and trying to find deals that are mutually beneficient. A very rewarding challenge!


For this role, being fluent in Swedish is really useful. Not being afraid of talking on the phone is also a huge plus!


You need is excitement and engagement, openness to new ideas, and a passion to grow and learn. Further, you are structured, and you can mix being very, very serious with being rather playful.


As a member, you become a member of the WVI family. Congrats! Besides many interesting conversations about self-development, the meaning of life, and how to be a better person, you also get access to our internal educations and trainings. You get a network of driven and engaged students and young professionals all over Sweden, and you get a fun year in Lund.

Don’t over-think it, apply today! We will offer fika at the interview.

Apply anytime!

If you feel like none of the roles here are just right for you but still feel like this organization is just what you have been looking for, don't worry - you are still welcome to apply!

We are open to all kinds of applicants with all kinds of backgrounds and experiences. However, we do review all applicants and conduct thorough interviews with everyone, and we do select the best merited to join. Just don't let that discourage you!

You are welcome to send in an application without applying for any specific role, just make sure to state that it is an open application. If you do, make sure you still have an idea of what you want to do within WVI Lund. What do you want to contribute with? What do you want to achieve? How do you want to grow as a person? Write a personal letter and let us know!

What we do - and why it matters!

Be yourself

Being yourself is not always easy - yet when we manage to, we often feel a lot better.

Be yourself.

We want to create a world where every human being can thrive in her own uniqueness. This is a world where everyone is welcome to explore who they are and who they truly want to be. Research has shown that if you feel comfortable and relaxed, it becomes easier to be creative and productive. You feel happier and generally act nicer to others, too.

We want to create a win-win, where everyone feels they have a purpose and can contribute to the world based on their own abilities.

Workshops and spaces

To create this world of authenticity, we aim to create and host spaces where people can find and live their own true selves, today. We believe that people want and can be themselves - but what does being yourself really mean?

Being yourself is not as easy as just doing whatever you feel like. First, you need to understand yourself. Unfortunately, most people never really take the time to explore themselves. We try to get to know others but neglect getting to know our inner lives properly.

Through workshops based on research in psychology we help students and young professionals explore themselves. We challenge them with experience-based exercises that force them to reflect over aspects of themselves they may not have previously considered.

Workshops and spaces

It is together that we can make the biggest change. Our workshops help people discover new truths about themselves and hel them grow in their self-leadership.

A few of the workshops we've hosted in the past

Personal values is the core of what we do. Why? Because they are incredibly important and useful when it comes to understanding yourself, that’s why!

Personal values are simply what you think is really important, what you prioritize in life, expressed in words. These words have unique meaning to you, and no two value-words really mean the same to two different individuals. By exploring what my values mean to me, by connecting them to my life story and experiences, I understand what really matters to me better.

Knowing my personal values will not only help me prioritize when facing difficult life choices, such as whether to stay in this job or go back to school, or deciding whom to marry, but the research shows that having clarity about ones own values correlates with high engagement and motivation.

Further research indicates that being well grounded in your own values and sticking to them is a fundamental aspect of being a respected and successful leader. Just being aware of the concept of personal values can greatly help you improve your leadership as it can make it easier to understand the true motivations and drivers of engagement of those you are leading.

Motivation – why we do what we do. Why do you do what you do?

The latest within psychology research on motivation turns to a specific aspect of motivation: intrinsic and internal motivation. During this workshop, we explore these concepts through the Self-Determination Theory.

The theory has three main parts: Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose. Through cultivating these three aspects of whatever we are doing, we can increase our intrinsic motivation. And this makes a world of difference. Intrinsic motivation is far more durable than extrinsic motivation, the motivation that comes from outside ourselves.

Intrinsic motivation is about being driven not by the promise of an external reward or the threat of external punishment, but by the reward of accomplishing something because we believe in it and identify ourselves with it. The most motivated athletes do not pursue excellence merely for winning competitions, but because it is just who they are. They want to achieve mastery of their own ability and of the sport or the challenge. This drive comes from within and is both strong and durable.

One way of exploring our own intrinsic motivation is by understanding our own values. By realizing what is really important to us, we can find purpose. We also find what we identify strongly with, and can use that as leverage for our motivation.

A lot of people care about productivity – so we thought we’d give it a go!

We define productivity as the product of our effectiveness and our efficiency. Effectiveness is the impact of our effort, and efficiency is how much effort we can produce per unit of time. Multiplying then gives us that productivity is really impact over time. The more time we spend working productively, the greater impact we will have – whatever that impact is!

There are many ways to go about increasing our productivity – and we look at what science has to say about breaks, energizers, energy cycles, attention residue, distractions, and mindfulness.

Here is our quick-and-dirty tip for increasing productivity:

  • Work for 45 minutes of full focus and without distractions
  • Take a 5 minutes mindfulness break
  • Work focused for another 45 minutes
  • Take a 15 minutes longer break, for example go for a walk

Rinse and repeat for as long as needed! Oh, and don’t forget to sleep, eat and exercise regularly!

Who we are


No. of active members

We are currently around 15 active members - and we are growing! It may not seem like we are that many, but we have a big impact and reach around 1 500 students each year through out events. We are mostly students and  young professionals, in and around the Lund area. We cover all kinds of nationalities and backgrounds, and everyone is welcome to apply! English is the dominant language spoken with all of WVI.

Below are just some of our members, letting you know a little about what they think of the organization.


No. of students impacted each year

Why get engaged

There are many reasons to get engage. Download the PDF below to get even more info!

We are looking for you - apply today!

How to get engaged

  1. Consider what you would like to do and what role you are applying for
  2. Write a personal letter of motivation and send it to
  3. We will contact you and invite you for an interview at a café (and we will buy you some fika)
  4. After the interview, we will let you know how it went, and hopefully you will become a new member!

As a new member - what happens?

If you are recruited for a specific role, your team leader will contact you and have a first meeting to discuss your role, tasks and engagement overall.

If you applied spontaneously and do not have a clear role, you'll be invited for a coffee by our Head of Talent Management to discuss exactly what you want to do, and hopefully you will quickly find a team to join!

In either case, you will quickly be introduced to the organization through an intro training. You will get access to our systems and you will receive a WVI mail, be added to all social media groups, and so on. You get the idea!

To really get to know the organization and how it works, all members, both new and old, participate in a big onboarding once every semester. For the onboarding, we rent a cabin in the woods and go away for a weekend to get to know each other more deeply. We discuss different theories of personal development, values, motivation, mindset, and more. We also talk deeply about life and get to think about what we want to contribute with in the organization and the world. It is really an amazing weekend! You don't want to miss it.

How long to people stay?

It varies! Some of our members have been here since the start in 2014, others have recently joined. Some stay for years, and others stay for just half a year. We do believe that a longer engagement is more rewarding and recommend everyone to stay for around two years or more. During that time, there are a wide host of different projects you could join and a career within the organization to pursue.

Why do people stay engaged for that long?

For most of us, it is about the feeling. We feel that we have an impact on the world and on the people we meet in our workshops. We feel that we can improve or at least contribute to their lives in a meaningful way. We also feel that we have fun together. There is a very strong sense of authenticity and connection with the organization that most members quickly come to love. Many of us also stay for the feeling of constant development, challenge and personal growth. Your understanding of yourself is constantly challenged and your knowledge of leadership continuously expanded. Then there is, lastly, the feeling of autonomy. The flat structure of the organization, based on Teal and Holocracy, ensures that anyone can pursue any project they find interesting as long as it is not deemed harmful for the organization.

So, should I apply?

I would strongly recommend it! Send in your letter of motivation today and we will see you at a café soon!