We at World Values Initiative create a wide variety of events both with partners and off of our own steam. If you want to join forces to create something magical just let us know by connecting with us through connect@worldvaluesinitiative.com or one of our specific chapter emails.


Values Days

The Values Days that we create provide an opportunity for discovery of your own personal values in order to empower more conscious decision-making by finding your inner compass. We create a structured and safe space for reflection, dialogue and sharing of what is important to you. The day is interactive which means that whilst the approach, format and execution of the day all are based in research and theory, the focus of the day is not theory but rather for the participants to experience the power behind values-sharing and story-telling exercises.

Usually we also mix the participant groups, blending students with working professionals, which creates yet another dimension of interaction and exchange which has been widely popular.


Monthly Workshops

Self-leadership is not a “one & done” endeavour, and as we get better at leading ourselves we can also improve our ability to lead others. For this reason we find it valuable to offer interactive 2 hour monthly workshops, during semesters, as a forum for pausing the daily routine and checking in with a birds-eye-view of our current life situation. Each workshop also broaches a particular topic of relevance for life, studies, career or society at a large. We invite external partners & leadership experts who wish to share their knowledge and exercises to hungry students with drive.

All change is a matter of regular actions becoming habits and patterns (even changes in mindset). Monthly workshops provide a structural approach for sustained behavioural change over time, by having people with drive meet and exchange experiences and best-practices. 


Orientation Weeks

Every year, new students are welcomed to the universities and WVI provides a full-day/half-day event for these new students to show them anything is possible (even breaking the guiness world record for the largest human cog in the world). The day aims at helping them discover why they do what they do and arm them with research on mindsets, grit, study techniques and finding & building your vocation. 

There is a fundamental flaw in the way we engage in education today. Most students are asked to choose specialisation and commit to several years of education without ever having been given the opportunity to reflect in a systematic and time-effective manner concerning their inner motivations, passion and drive to pursue that career.


Organisational Workshops

Both companies and student organisations have asked us to design tailored organisational workshops to help them integrate more of the theory concerning leading yourself and others into the way they work and operate on a daily basis.

These workshops can range a broad span of topics, yet our first step is typically to clarify the foundation regarding what drives us, our values, and then build from there. There is a lot of interesting research and a lot of tools that both challenges and confirms different bits of conventional wisdom and that can create magic if placed in the right hands. We are never normative but rather let the group decide where to go given the information and insights they get from reflecting alone and together. 



Internal events

Of course, over and above all the fantastic things that we are trusted to organise and host for others, we also do a lot of internal competence-building and just general hangouts.


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