New Welcoming Week at LTH


Engineering-based problem solving with the soft variables

All too often we have only vague ideas about what is truly important to us. Students start their educations without truly knowing what they want to achieve with it or what they find meaningful to dedicate themselves to. The different universities of Sweden don’t help the student on this journey either. On the 26th of August, World Values Initiative in Lund held a full-day event for the 1200 new students who were part of the welcoming week. Here they got a chance to reflect on their personal values, their strengths and what the goal with their education is for them. The day was named “Engineering-based problem solving with the soft variables”.

The name of the day wants to emphasize the importance of being able to understand how motivation, leadership and cooperation works. These are inescapable occurrences in the daily life of any working professional, meaning this also needs to be taught, discussed and exercised. During the morning the students went through a process of discovering and sharing their personal values with each other. They were also given concise doses of positive psychology, strengths-based feedback and theory concerning the importance of periodic reflection in order to become “your engineer” and know what you want to dedicate yourself to.  The afternoon was then all about putting the learnings from the first part of the day into practices. The students were asked to apply the learnings they had gotten from the morning into solving a challenging problem in a group. The result from the day was excellent. The students were joyous and inspired and the faculty were beyond themselves with joy, feeling that they just found a new crown jewel for the welcoming weeks at LTH.

The result and the feedback has been so positive that the faculty now decided that World Values Initiatives full-day event should become a new tradition at LTH for all welcoming weeks and all new students!



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