We are looking for you – apply today!

How to get engaged

  1. Consider what you would like to do and what role you are applying for
  2. Write a personal letter of motivation and send it to lund@worldvaluesinitiative.com
  3. We will contact you and invite you for an interview at a café (and we will buy you some fika)
  4. After the interview, we will let you know how it went, and hopefully you will become a new member!

As a new member – what happens?

If you are recruited for a specific role, your team leader will contact you and have a first meeting to discuss your role, tasks and engagement overall.

If you applied spontaneously and do not have a clear role, you’ll be invited for a coffee by our Head of Talent Management to discuss exactly what you want to do, and hopefully you will quickly find a team to join!

In either case, you will quickly be introduced to the organization through an intro training. You will get access to our systems and you will receive a WVI mail, be added to all social media groups, and so on. You get the idea!

To really get to know the organization and how it works, all members, both new and old, participate in a big onboarding once every semester. For the onboarding, we rent a cabin in the woods and go away for a weekend to get to know each other more deeply. We discuss different theories of personal development, values, motivation, mindset, and more. We also talk deeply about life and get to think about what we want to contribute with in the organization and the world. It is really an amazing weekend! You don’t want to miss it.

How long to people stay?

It varies! Some of our members have been here since the start in 2014, others have recently joined. Some stay for years, and others stay for just half a year. We do believe that a longer engagement is more rewarding and recommend everyone to stay for around two years or more. During that time, there are a wide host of different projects you could join and a career within the organization to pursue.

Why do people stay engaged for that long?

For most of us, it is about the feeling. We feel that we have an impact on the world and on the people we meet in our workshops. We feel that we can improve or at least contribute to their lives in a meaningful way. We also feel that we have fun together. There is a very strong sense of authenticity and connection with the organization that most members quickly come to love. Many of us also stay for the feeling of constant development, challenge and personal growth. Your understanding of yourself is constantly challenged and your knowledge of leadership continuously expanded. Then there is, lastly, the feeling of autonomy. The flat structure of the organization, based on Teal and Holocracy, ensures that anyone can pursue any project they find interesting as long as it is not deemed harmful for the organization.

So, should I apply?

I would strongly recommend it! Send in your letter of motivation today and we will see you at a café soon!